The Hail International Rally is entering its fifth year on the agenda of the 2024 FIA World Rally Championship. The first round of the Saudi Toyota Championship will be hosted on February 8-10, 2024, in the city of Hail. Located in the north of Saudi Arabia, Hail was historically a major stop on the pilgrimage route and is known for its agriculture, particularly wheat and dairy products. The city offers a splendid view from Mount Samra, and the surrounding desert landscapes provide ideal terrain for the rally. Hail has a rich history in motorsports, hosting the first Hail Rally in 2006 and becoming an FIA-sanctioned event in 2008. It has been a key location in the Kingdom, hosting the Dakar Rally since 2020. In fact, the Hail Rally has become an excellent testing ground for competitors to prepare for the Dakar challenge. We look forward to seeing the teams, drivers, and riders in Hail, Saudi Arabia, next February!

The Hail Rally track passes different types of terrain and crosses the Nafud Alkaber desert, where its sand dunes are high, its tracks are difficult, and its hills are eye-catching


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